More food, wood and clothes gifts from the postwoman (2023.01.22)

Today the postwoman came, and gave us a warm soup for lunch. She said that there is another sack of wood. She lives two streets away. We will transport the wood later. The postwoman also said that she will give us a pair of socks, and one blanket too. She also said that tomorrow (on 2023.01.23) (on Monday) she will speak with someone about a rent. Currently the weather is sunny, and the temperature is 8 °C. We are enjoying it outside. We feel the warmth of the sun.

By the way, the condition of the house is becoming worse and worse. After the rainfall yesterday, more cracks appeared in the walls. We also found why it is so hard to start the fire in the heater. Because there are holes in the chimney in the other room. There were planks near the chimney. The husband of the postwoman removed those because of fire danger. The postwoman told us to frequently check the chimney in the other room to see if there is smoke or fire.

Hopefully we will find something, before the whole house collapse on us (or burst into flames).

If I will have news, then I will write about it.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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