Let Our Picture Tell Your Story - Edition 13 Winners


Congratulations to all of our winners, and all those who participated! You make this contest amazing.

First place @mynatasha - 3 Hive

Second place @khoola - 2 Hive

Third place @jacoalberts - 1 Hive

Special mention @chincoculbert - 1 Hive

Special mention @cmplxty - 1 Hive

Special mention @mineopoly - 1 Hive

Special mention @beeber - 1 Hive

Engagement @ayesha-malik - 1 Hive

500 Ecency Points - @doziekash

Thanks to all who joined the fun for making this post even brighter :)

Honestly I loved all of the entries, and consider all of you winners. Your prizes will be sent soon.

Please join us for Let Our Picture Tell Your Story - Edition 14, very soon! If you want a tag, or want to be removed from being tagged, please let me know. As a fan of contests and initiatives I know how hard it is to remember each one. Getting a notice can make the difference between winning or not even remembering to join in.

Special thanks to @melinda010100 and @dreemsteem for the prizes. Please be sure to support @Hive-106444 and @archon - without them this contest wouldn't be what it is :)

Thanks so much for giving me the privilege of running this, @sofs-su

Check out @nelinoeva contest Show me a photo challenge

@barbara-orenya also feature the best posts in her Featured feathered friends compilation and helps you get more exposure. So, get your photographs in ASAP.

Thank you everyone for your kind support and participation.

This is a 100% power up post

Image by @papilloncharity and edited on Canva

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