Let Our Picture Tell Your Story - Edition 28

I would love to thank everyone who makes this game so much fun :) This includes everyone who has supported the contest, and most of all those who entered. You are so awesome!

We are going to be offering THREE choices for you to use as a prompt this week - and while you can only win one prize, you can write a story about both pictures if you want. In fact, write as many stories as you like! It will increase your chances of winning! Or just choose the one that calls to you!

Collage made in Canva using the images sourced below.

Full credit for the images goes to the following authors and posts, please show them some love!

Goose and dove coexist by @papilloncharity :

Egret droppings by @sketch.and.jam :

Hawk and thumb by @xplosive :

For this week, let's each try to tag at least two good friends who we know would love to play. Share the love, and make the contest even bigger.

@lordtimoty can we please see yours this week? @princessbusayo I want yours too :)

There are only a couple of rules you need to follow for this contest:
Your story should be in the comment section of this post.
Your story needs a title.

@melinda010100 and the community account Hive-106444 generously provide the prizes for this challenge. There is a reward pool of 8 HIVE and 500 ecency points for our winners.
We have an extra pool of 8 HIVE per month donated by @dreemsteem. Join me in thanking @melinda010100 and @dreemsteem .
First prize is 3 Hive
Second prize 2 Hive
Third prize is 1 Hive
Engagement 1 Hive
Special mention 1 Hive

500 Ecency points will be awarded to participants based on their contribution to this edition of the challenge. Prizes will be added as per need.

50% of the post rewards go towards supporting the feathered friends community.
Kindly note that this edition will end at the time of payout.

The winners will be announced after the payout of this post. Deadline for entries is at payout.

Keep your entries coming in. Please tag your friends and let's meet in the comment section. If you think you might have posted a photo that would be a good fit, let me know! Please note, it must have its own post in the Feathered Friends community to be eligible. All images used will be displayed with a link to the original post, as well as a mention so the author can come check it out, and hopefully make up a story.
Keep your eyes 👀 peeled and look for my post announcing the winners of the 28th edition.

I look forward to reading your stories as always. Kindly note that while we welcome your stories and interaction with participants in the comment section leaving links and comments like 'nice picture' are not acceptable.

Check out @nelinoeva contest Show me a photo challenge
@barbara-orenya also feature the best posts in her Featured feathered friends compilation and helps you get more exposure. So, get your photographs in ASAP.

Thank you everyone for your kind support and participation. Those who have already participated or have requested a tag:
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