Observing the common tern-Show Me A Photo Contest Round 38

Hello feathered friends
Today I present you this Charran.
He was calm resting one sunny day in the port.
This photograph is for the Show Me A Photo Contest Round 38
The theme is queues.
The tail of this little one's forked tail differentiating it from seagulls.
This is my photo for the contest.

IMG_5366 copia.jpg

Any mast is good for this bird to rest and sunbathe.

IMG_5356 copia.jpg

He is male, you can recognize him by the black color, which he has on his head and reaches his neck.

IMG_5360 copia.jpg

It stretches its wings and straightens its tail is what it does to keep its balance

IMG_5362 copia.jpg

They are migratory birds that spend the summer here, then the migration to warmer places will begin.

IMG_5364 copia.jpg

Its beak strong and red in color like its webbed feet.
Slender long wings.
It has a great view and plummets to catch its prey up to a distance of 6 meters
She lays two to three eggs in spring and they are very protective parents.
The two of the couple incubate it and take about 25 days to hatch.
Learning to fly costs them another 25 days.

IMG_5368 copia.jpg

For the time that we observed him, we saw that he is as scandalous as the seagulls, it does not bother me, I would like to know what they are talking about.
We leave you alone to sunbathe and rest after your fishing
Goodbye friends happy day

IMG_5374 copia.jpg

my ticket for Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 38

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

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