Goldfinch- remembering Pavarottiaroti

Hello feathered friends

Today I move to my childhood when Paparoti lived and sang for us in the balcony cage, if that's what my mother called him and my father spoke with him, he returned my father's words with a beautiful song that he continued to lengthen until he put his treat in the small special bowl for that.

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So we had several were wild and the children were dedicated to hunting them, until they had to set rules and prohibit them, their number fell dangerously, when Paparoti died the Canary arrived a yellow and beautiful one, but the color of the goldfinch was special with its intense red mask and his black crest, his white cheeks and chest, and those bright yellow wings.

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Today these that I bring you are beginning to be seen in the gardens of my city, which makes me happy since it means that they are recovering and their trills are already distinguished among the trees.

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It is spring and he is preparing the nest, you can see how he carries it in his beak, I don't know if feathers or any seed from the trees, it is far away and only the camera zoom captures it.

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See that it is difficult to photograph birds, they are restless and distrustful to a small noise they fly up and hide.
These little ones of the finch family and small in size say that about 15cm

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I only remember when it was necessary to cut the nails since in the cage they did not wear them out, it entered a fist and with great care we cut the nails without cutting the central vein that was very clear to us and we did it with great care.

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I also had a friend who had one and would let it loose around the house and shower it on the kitchen faucet.
It was a great disappointment when he flew to the bird's sky.



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So I have something special with them, longing and fond memories and the chirping trill that got louder and longer like an opera that he did when he welcomed my father

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Canon PowerShot SX730 HS
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