Heralds of Spring

There are many signs of the changing seasons. Some show up in the weather. Others are felt with the soul and heart. Something is in the air, melancholy, or love, maybe energy. Or these are clear signals of life around, which either freezes or accelerates. And since half of our planet is waiting for spring, of course today I wanted to show the main heralds of this wonderful time of the year - Birds!

When I went outside the other day, I was literally stunned by the bird trill in the trees near the house. A whole parade of feathered friends was waiting for me, who were a little exhausted by the sun's rays and fermented ashberry, so they let themselves be caught. Caught exclusively in the frame.

These cunning wanderers are returning to us in the northern regions, they feel that soon everything will change here. There will be plenty of food in the form of midges and berries, the sun's rays will warm up the local forests, even if they don’t melt the permafrost, and many bird pairs will create wonderful families.

Pine Grosbeak

Very bright guys. Well, or a lady and a gentleman. I can say with confidence that the one in red is a gentleman. Like many birds, the male in this case has a very defiant color.




But with his yellow companions it is more difficult. The yellow color of this species is either a female or a young male aged 1-2 years. In any case, they look great together.





The most sonorous bird on this tree. He must have woken up earlier than everyone else and already stretched his throat. Looks pretty well-fed. I think it's a winter pillow and this guy will lose weight quickly by the summer. Although he is quite attractive as it is.



In my country they are called Svirel- this is a musical instrument, some kind of a pipe. Because these birds make a very similar sound... let's be fair, birds began to make it earlier than the instrument invented by people, so…




Quite an ordinary and very common berry lover all over the earth. But I managed to sneak up from downwind and capture him in an unexpected position.



Of course there was a certain risk to go from below. When attacking, these birds swoop down on the enemy and hurl their droppings like a bomber.



Today I was lucky. I think all these flyers had a wonderful day today, gorging on fermented berries.

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