On the hunt for wee Robbie, Jacky and Matty!

Hello Hello awesome people of the Hive

This week I got inspired by the wonderful @nelinoeva and it gave me a try to test out my new toy 📸.

I am referring to this post Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 65

Yes it was time to capture, well capture on screen anyway, some of our feathered friends, and this week the theme is SONGBIRDS!

How cool is that, I actually was surprised jut how many birds are actually deemed as Songbirds, check here to see what I mean!

So this blogpost is my entry to #SMaP Show Me A Photo Contest Round 65!

It was very hard to pick one picture to choose as the entry but I will choose this one of wee Robbie the Robin with a little grub wrapped round his beak.

Robin with grub in mouth cropped.jpg

So many people think Robins are only found in the winter, but seriously... what do these people think .... that the robins hibernate for nine months of the year!

Robin on ground walking.JPG

This was wee Robbie saying don't watch me hunt and he then got this food and popped onto the branch in the first picture to eat. He was well I do sing, but first things first need to eat!

Robin with back to us.JPG

I think Magpies are quite regal looking and Matty Magpie was giving us a regal pose! It really was a tossup in my eyes anyway as to whether to choose this one on the first Robin picture as my entry. However wee Robbie beat out Matty to gain the top spot haha!


YOu can Spring is well under way as the trees are full of buds, which means it will be harder to capture the birds in the trees once the trees are wearing their full set of leaves!


I did not think Magpies were songbirds, but upon looking at the link yes they are ...

Corvidae: crows, magpies, and jays

Of course I think of them as regal thieves, because they do take shiny things! This one looked like he was asleep as I could not see his eye!


Some of you who read my blogs know that I goto this park and feed the birds there,I have oatmeal and bird seed for smaller birds and Jacky the Jackdaw was more than happy to be photographed.


Jacky did not mind eating in front of the camera. I just love their little black ridged helmets I call them!

Again Iwas surprised that magpies were considered songbirds, but just like magpies, jackdaws are part of the Corvidae family and hence considered songbirds for this wee contest!


Now you can't show songbirds without a song thrush. Unfortunately I could not get this one singing. but it is the thought that counts!


The next couple are Starlings - Sturnidae: starlings and yep songbirds too!


I took this one in a different part of the park and the sun had come out, the plumage also looks less ruffled on this wee one!


To round off my songird post I include this wee bluetit


I hope that you enjoyed looking at these gorgeous wee feathered friends and I hope I am improving with my new toy, what do you think @papilloncharity

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to enjoy your weekend!


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