Feathered Friends Contest Participation Entry - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 30/ The bird sit in silence as the sun sets

Hey Feathered Friends Lovers!

I hope everyone is well and having a nice day. Welcome to the Show Me A Photo Contest Round -30 hosted by @nelinoeva in the #featheredfriends community. Today I am going to participate in this contest. Today in my entry I have shown some photography of birds as the sun sets. I hope you like my entry today.

Bird And Sunset



You can see in the photography that a bird is sitting on the branch of a tree and at that time the sun was going arms. But there were lots of black clouds in the sky. At that time it was raining. And then the bird was sitting silently on the dry branch of the tree.


The sky turned black for the rain to come so I actually came out to our backyard. Some tree branches were cut in our yard. The branches have dried up a bit and turned red. And at that time a bird came and sat on the dried branches. The bird appears to be turning black as the sun goes down. And at that moment I try to do some photography of this bird from a distance.


You will surely like to see the bird as the sun goes down. I hope my entry today is suitable for the contest. If you like my entry today, you must give me a chance to know your opinion.

Many thanks to all of you for stopping by to visit my entry.



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