DNA Species Hunt - Peregrine falcon

Falco peregrinus


The shown species belongs to the Falconidae family. Known as a Peregrine falcon it was spotted in a parking lot early in the morning. I think it was waiting for some smaller birds to fly by so it could catch them.


  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Aves
  • Order: Falconiformes
  • Family: Falconidae
  • Genus: Falco
  • Species: F. peregrinus

When I first saw it I thought it may be someones pet, as it seemed confused just standing in a parking lot. But I saw no signs of tags so maybe its just used to people.

Common Appearance

Its appearance had some unique features to it, such as its small size. Its coloring on its chest and its head coloring patterns. I am unsure if it is indeed a Peregrine falcon.. maybe someone could confirm?


  • Body: Small and compact with long legs, had a white chest with some brown coloration in it. Wings were a darker color.
  • Eyes: Hard to see its eyes in detail but looks like a Raptor
  • Legs: Its legs were mostly bare and white or yellow in color, being early morning it was hard to see more detail.
  • Other dominant visible characteristics Its beak had a dark spot on the tip.

I only got a few pictures through the window of my car, so they are not the best quality while using my smart phones camera.

It was quite unexpected to see this bird just hanging around so I waited to see if it would move. It just stood there.

Turning its head it was looking for something, though not sure exactly what.

Being a cold morning it does not seem to be bothered by that, it must have alot of plumage to protect it from the elements.

Waiting to see if it would move for a better picture but it would not. Maybe staying completely still is part of its plan for birds flying over head that it may prey on do not see it.

Deciding to get out of my car to check it out was a mistake, it flew off before I could even get a single good picture of it.

At first I thought it was wounded as it only flew a couple feet, and as I got closer it then flew way far away so I had to give up trying to check it out.

Really cool seeing what I think is a Peregrine falcon, it looked too small to be a Hawk and its face markings make me believe its indeed a falcon. Though not clear what kind exactly.

Places of Spread

Seeing these birds normally in more wooded areas I was surprised to see one in a parking lot. Normally I would see them out in the woods while hiking.


  • Mainly found in : Woods
  • Also spread in: Urban areas



  • Major Diet: Rodents, birds, fish and other raptors

Peculiarities and Rarity

This bird is listed under conservation status as least concern and seems to be doing well in Northern Georgia.

Discovery Statistics

Spotted in North Georgia around 9am in February, it was a cold dry day.

Information Usage & Copyright Declaration:

The information provided in this post is provided based on my own observations. The pictures used in this post are original and taken by myself, @solominer, with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone camera. I allow DNA to use the images and the information provided for DNA work within their publicly visible projects.

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