The Winners Of Let Our Picture Tell Your Story- Edition 9


I am truly sorry for the delay in announcing the winners for the challenge. I have been indisposed due to some health issues. However, I am glad to finally be here and declare the winners of the challenge.

It has been such a pleasure to read the stories here and respond to them . These stories have always been enlightening, engaging, enlivening and endearing. It has been a treat for me (and others) I hope to engage with the authors in the comment section.

Without much ado let me get to the winners of the 9 the Edition of Let our picture tell your story.

Drum rolls please

šŸ„‡1st Prize @cmplxty 3 HIVE+100 Ecency pnts
šŸ„ˆ 2nd Prize @repayme4568 2 HIVE +100 Ecency pnts
šŸ„‰ 3rd Prize @beeber 1 HIVE +100 Ecency pnts


šŸŽ–ļø@wrestlingdesires 1 Hive +100 Ecency pnts**

Special mention

@umirais 1 Hive +100 Ecency pnts
i 1 Hive (this reward was made possible by the 1 Hive returned by @agmoore . Even though this contribution came late I love the spirit of @chocolatescorpi in keeping the challenge alive and writing this sweet story to cheer me up. Thank you sweet lady.

The rewards will be sent to your wallet ASAP.

Congrats everyone, it's been my pleasure and honor to be run this challenge until now.

Let's thank @melinda010100 and @dreemsteem for their continued support in these challenges without whose support this may not have been possible.

It is with a heavy heart that I need to let you know that may not be able to continue this challenge any further due to health reason. I will give this a break for now, but I sincerely request @melinda010100 to continue this challenge further. This has been so close to my heart as it is in the spirit of Hive to encourage friendly engagement in the comment section.

I will see you around, I am not going away anywhere, so this I not good bye, but wish you the very best until we meet again.

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