The Winners Of Let Our Picture Tell Your Story - Edition 6


It is time to announce the winners of our challenge 'Let our picture tell your story.' Edition 6

It is always wonderful to have new participants joins us every week and last week brought us a few. As usual I wish I could give everyone who participated a prize, but then that isn't practical. Thanks to the generosity of @dreemsteem from @dreemport we have been able to increase the reward amounts for the current contest.(link given below)

The one thing I really look forward to each week is reading and responding to your stories. While that is the fun part it wasn't easy for us to choose the winners. So we've tried to reward as many participants as possible.

Now, without much further ado let me announce the winners of the fourth edition of the, 'Let our picture tell your story.

Drum rolls please

šŸ„‡ 1st Prize @corvidae 3 Hive+100 Ecency pts
šŸ„ˆ 2nd Prize @beeber 2 Hive+100 Ecency pts
šŸ„‰ 3rd Prize @elentogether 1 Hive+100 Ecency pts

Special mentions

šŸ…@wrestlingdesires 1Hive +100 Ecency pts
šŸ„‰@umirais 1 hive +100 Ecency pts
šŸŽ–ļø @papilloncharity I hive +100 Ecency pts

Thank you @melinda010100 for your generosity, guidance and sponsorship.

Congratulations winners, the rewards will be sent out to your wallets at the within the next 12 hours. Tag your friends and invite them to current challenge so we can make this much more interactive and fun.


I can't wait to read your stories in the comment section of Edition 7 of Let our picture tell your story

Thank you everyone for your participation. Have a lovely weekend.


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