Let our picture tell your story - Edition 3


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Welcome back to the third edition of Let our picture tell your story.

Thank you everyone for keeping the pace and the interest up in the second edition of the challenge.

This brings the second edition to a close and the winners will be declared within 24 hours of publishing this post. Consultations of the judges have already begun.

It has been so much fun reading and responding to your comments and I am keen on having more fun this week.

Let's get started with Edition number 3 of - Let our picture tell your story

This challenge is simple, any one can participate.

This challenge is all about creativity and fun in the comment section. The focus of this challenge is on originality. So please ** post original stories only**.

Hive has always been about original content so let us uphold that principle here as well.

Now its time for some serious fun! 🤣😆

Your story needs to be based on the header image (thumbnail). (Don't worry about getting the facts right.

This challenge is not about facts, remember its about fun, creativity, imagination and originality.

Let the image ignite your imagination

The story maybe as long or short as you like, it is totally up to you.

Make it be as entertaining and as creative as possible.

Engage with the other participants. Let engagement being meaningful and around the contest comments.



There are only a couple of rules you need to follow for this contest

Your story should be in the comment section of this post.

Your story needs a title.


@melinda010100 and the community account Hive-106444 generously provide the prizes for this challenge.

We have a reward pool of 8 HIVE and 500 ecency points for our winners. If we see more entries which deserve prizes we will announce special rewards as well.

We have an current reserve of 2 HIVE which was donated by @dreemsteem. (1 HIVE has already been given out as a special price in edition one of our contest)

The first prize is 3 HIVE

Second prize 2 HIVE

Third prize is 1 HIVE

Engagement 1 Hive

Creative commenter 1 Hive

Special prize (as need arises)

500 Ecency points will be awarded to non prize winners based on their contribution to this edition of the challenge.

50% of the post rewards go towards supporting the feathered friends community.

Kindly note that this edition will end on 25th August Wednesday.

The next edition of Let our picture tell your story will begin on Thursday 26th August.

Keep your entries coming in. Let the fun begin!


Banner by @barbara-orenya Thank you

There is more fun to be had here if you love bird photography check out the challenges posted on SMAP by @nelinoeva (currently on vacation)

For more fun check out this post by @eolianpariah

Keep your eyes 👀 peeled and watch out for my next post announcing the winners of the second addition.

Waiting to read your stories!!!!

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