I wanna be a Eagle!


This is my entry to SMAP round 37. What kind of a bird you'd like to be? was the question posed by @nelenoeva . Check this post

I love eagles and I'd like to be one. I love everything about them. However, what I love the most is the way they fly. They hardly flap around, they glide so gracefully, I love watching them for hours. There is so much peace when I see them glide for hours circling the skies right at the top and still keep an eye on you. The strength of this bird amazes me.


The brahminy kite known as the red-backed sea-eagle in Australia is common in India and South East Asia. Its a medium sized raptor so filled with grace and beauty. Source These have reddish brown back, wings and tails but a white neck and head. They look absolutely stunning when see at close quarters.


These dark eagles are very common where I live. They are graceful in flight, their eyesight is sharp and they sight and track their prey from great heights. They carry away chicks, small animals and eat bats another other small rodents.


These dark eagles soar in their skies and are known for their strength. Their focus is something that has always amazed me. I wish I could have that kind of focus. When they grab their prey it is hard to grab it back from them. They hold on to them with their strong claws.


It is said that they mate for life. Its their faithfulness that attracts me. That is one quality I love, complete and total dedication to one's partner.

I keep taking pictures of these birds all the time. However, since the love flying against the sun its hard to get clear images. I still love to take pictures of these bird.


There are many myths about eagles one of them being how eagles regenerate and renew themselves when they grow old. Although it is proven to be a myth the fact remains that eagles live for 30-40 years.

They may not lengthen their life span but they are mentioned 34 times in the Bible for their power, strength, courage and focus.

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