Freshly Minted Robin NFTs

Here are some freshly minted NFTs (Newly Feathered Turdus).
Look at this bright guy hiding out in the weeds. This is Turdus migratorius aka the American Robin.

They have arrived here last month and are one of the first signs of spring.

They like to hang around the bark path that I go on for mushroom hunting. They are not very shy and like to keep walking in front of you on the path. I often joke that they are the birds that help lost hikers find their way back to the path.

I saw a few of them singing loudly in the trees possibly starting to call for mates and the spring breeding season. This one appears to be a brighter male.

This one is a bit more dull with more white feathers on its breast. I suspect it might be a female.

Here is one that is hunting. They stand and listen or feel for worms crawling underground then they instinctively dive and pierce the ground with their beak to grab the worm.

Here is another female robin sunning itself on a fallen over tree.

This one looks darker in color and is probably a male. He was also sitting on the same fallen over tree. Perhaps they are a pair. Hopefully this year I can find a nest to photograph and keep an eye on the development of the chicks.

That's all for now, thanks for looking :-)

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