Feathered Friday - Where are all the birds at?!

Here are a few bird shots from this morning for #featheredfriday by @melinda010100
Squirrel is barking at me asking "hey where are all the birds at?!"

The cormorant peeped up and said "I'm over here!"

This particular cormorant always sits on this rock in the morning around 8am. He definitely has a schedule to stick to and probably has a routine of visiting all the lakes nearby.

He made sure to give me a good profile shot with a good reflection of the lake in the background.

Meanwhile I caught a glimpse of a tiny little water bird that was diving down then reappearing after a couple minutes.

This is a pie-billed grebe, this little bird is just a bit larger than a robin and about half the size of a mallard. They are usually really hard to get a shot of because they dive under the water for so long then pop up on the other side of the lake. They dive under water and chase down small fish to eat. I didn't notice it come up with any prey it probably gulped the fish down under water.

Far across the lake I noticed a large plane inbound.

Never mind its a bird. The great blue heron eventually landed directly in the middle of the reeds on the opposite side of the lake.

On this side of the lake the usual suspects were making lots of noise in the wild rose bushes.

All the red-winged black birds seemed to be gathering up into a mass today. I wonder if they are preparing to head south for the winter.

Before they leave they have to gulp down as many insects off the plant as possible. I wonder if they eat rose hips as well?

That's all for now thanks for looking :-)

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