Feathered Friday - A Baby Bird Project, A Grosbeak and A Wild Turkey Chase

Here is a new baby bird project I inherited for this #featheredfriday by @melinda010100
Early this morning I got a text from by boss asking if I wanted to take care of this baby bird he found on a walk.

The little guy is still very young and its eyes aren't even open yet. Though you can see the start of feathers appearing. My guess is its a sparrow, possibly a house finch, we'll see as it grows older...

Overall the little guy is eating and drinking well which is a good sign. I only see a bit of scabbing on its head possibly from the fall it took out of the nest. Here's hoping it keeps eating and grows up well. I doubt the wildlife rehab place would take a baby sparrow so I'll probably keep raising this guy until it is old enough to introduce into the wild. I know a place where it can learn from other sparrows that is pretty safe from predators. Who knows it might end up being a different bird, maybe a goldfinch or a chipping sparrow.

I finally got a ruby throated grosbeak this year.

It even posed long enough for a few shots though most of the other shots I took it posed at just the right angle to hide it's ruby throat.

I also spotted another male turkey searching for females out in a nature preserve. I followed him down the pathway, at first he was acting scared but then started calming down later.

Out in an open prairie area he stopped running away and I was able to get lots of close-up photos.

The feathers are really iridescent in the sun.

You can see shimmering copper, green and even blue in the feathers. Sadly I couldn't get any display photos of him as there were no females around.

That's all for this #featheredfriday, gotta feed the little critter now he's cheeping at me.