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πŸ¦‰ Siberian chiffchaff (Phylloscopus (collybita) tristis)

πŸ“š Phylloscopus Greek: phyllon foliage, skopos seeker, observer
πŸ“š collybita collybista (lat.), kollybistΔ“s, kollybos (Greek) money changer, small coin (name - for a song similar to the sound of falling coins)
πŸ“š tristis sad, gloomy, mournful


This species of warblers is the very first to come to us ... I would say if I had not discovered that this year the willow warblers were the first to arrive.
It is worth saying that in our country (and some others) these birds do not belong to warblers, but are called in their own way. Moreover, the meaning of their names can no longer be found, apparently lost.

Nevertheless, until this year, these birds were the first to fly to Siberia, and already at the end of April one could hear their songs. Yes, exactly songs, since only the Siberian subspecies can sing a full song, and the rest only utter sounds.



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