Visiting a New Pond With New Family of Geese, Ducks and Field of Wildflowers

Making a trip to town I stopped at a pond to check out the waterfowl and was pleasantly surprised with finding a family of geese and ducks settling in on the safety of the water as it was getting later in the day.

Interesting Clouds Throwing Rays Down To the Pond

cloud throwing sunrays over pond.JPG

There was nothing at the side of the pond by the road but as I zoomed in on the far side I found a family of Canada Geese bopping upside down feeding in the water. The goslings had their mature feather making them hard to distinguish from the adults.

Family of Canada Geese Feeding in the Water

family of geese feeding in water at edge of pond.JPG

Handsome Pair of Canada Geese at Pond's Edge

pair of geese by water edge.JPG

While I was watching the geese feeding a raft of canvas back ducks and mature ducklings floated in behind them plus a grebe swam by.

Family of Canvas Back Ducks and a Grebe Swimming In Behind Feeding Canada Geese

3 geese grebe family of canvasback ducks in water edge of pond.JPG

Canvasback Ducks Heads Tucked In Resting on the Water as Grebe and Geese Swim By

3 geese grebe family of canvasback ducks.JPG

Close Up Resting Canvasback Duck Family and Grebe Swimming By

young canvasbacks resting on water plus grebe.JPG

On the way home I stopped to take some photos of the field that was full of brown eyed susans in bloom. They are quite a hardy plant for it was still blooming like mad even though we had a lot of hot dry days. I love their bright blossoms.

Opening By Evergreens Filled With Brown Eyed Susan Blooms

field of brown eyed susans.JPG

Closer View of Brown Eyed Susan Blooms

close up brown eyed susan with a field of them behind.JPG

On one of the blooms there was an interesting bug which must have been sucking up some of the sweet nectar out of the flower.

Close Up Interesting Bug on Brown Eyed Susan Flower

interesting bug on brown eyed susan.JPG

Another flower that was out in bloom was the indian paintbrush with it's beautiful pink blossoms.

Group of Beautiful Indian Paintbrushes in Bloom

group of indian paintbrush blooms.JPG

Close Up Lovely Pink Indian Paintbrush Bloom

close up indian paintbrush bloom.JPG

I will leave you with one last wildflower that was quite abundant along the roadside - the lovely purple fireweed.

Close Up Fireweed Bloom Among a Mass of Blossoms

close up fireweed bloom with others behind it.JPG

Bird images are for the #FeatheredFriends community hosted by @melinda010100


The photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

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