A Beautiful Sublime Sunday - April Has Mother Nature Playing Tricks on Us...

On April 1st Mother Nature played a real trick on us. We thought Spring was here and the melt was starting to happen but when we woke up on April Fool's day we saw a fresh coat of snow on the ground and trees replacing the snow that had melted.

Before this there was a ring around the sun which is suppose to signal a coming weather system or storm.

I used the creative filter on my camera for the image of the rings below -

Blue Filter Highlights Ring Around the Sun

ring around sun over trees filtered.JPG

As you can see we still have lots of snow on the ground -

Sun Highlighted Waves of Snow Among the Bushes

waves of snow by sunroom 2.JPG

The squirrel came out checking out the snowy scene.

Squirrel Peering Over Snow on Spruce Branch

squirrel peeking over snowy pine branch.JPG

Squirrel Looking Down on Us From Snowy Tree Branches

squirrel hanging over snowy branch.JPG

A lot of birds were coming to the feeder for other food sources were covered with snow.

Bluejays Enjoying Sunflower Seeds at Feeder

bluejays at feeder behind snowy banches.JPG

In particular there was a tremendous amount of redpolls coming to the feeder for they find a lot of their food on the ground which had a snow cover.

Close Up Redpoll Looking at Us From Snowy Branch

close up redpoll on snow covered branch.JPG

The redpolls didn't seem to afraid of me (more concerned with getting some food) so I could get quite close to the feeder then Bruno would come running into the yard and they'd take flight.

Flock of Redpolls Taking Flight

close up flock of redpoll in flight.JPG

The photo above is for the #SMaP Show Me A Photo Contest with a theme of Birds in flight. You'll see more birds in flight in the video below. Find out more about the contest here

Check out the large number of redpolls that were coming to the feeder - it was quite something...

Other birds that came around was the colorful evening grosbeak with it's bright yellow coloring.

Close Up Male Evening Grosbeak on Snowy Branch

close up colorful male evening grosbeak on snowy branch.JPG

Female Evening Grosbeak on Snowy Spruce Branch

close up female evening grosbeak on snowy spruce branch.JPG

Male Evening Grosbeak on Snowy Spruce Branch

close up male evening grosbeak on snowy spruce branch.JPG

This little chickadee must have been a bit chilly for he had himself all puffed up.

Black Capped Chickadee All Puffed Up

close up puffed up chickadee on branch.JPG

Bruno didn't mind the snow and he was watchinf the birds from the deck and running around the yard.

Bruno Lying on Snowy Deck Snowy Tree Behind

Bruno sitting on deck snowy tree in background.JPG

Bruno Running Under Snowy Apple Tree

Bruno running by snowy apple tree.JPG

Bruno Running Down Snowy Lane With Log in Mouth

Bruno running with stick down snowy lane.JPG

Bruno Spies Squirrel in Tree While Running With Log

Bruno running down lane with log snow on willows.JPG

Bruno Grinning After Running With His Stick

Bruno smiling standing my snowy lane.JPG

Snow Highlights Patterns of Evergreens and Tamarack Tree

frosted scene tamarick and spruce with snow.JPG

Snow Covered Young Spruce Trees

snow on young spruce.JPG

I'll leave you with another shot I took with the creative filter on my camera of the snowy scene down the lane.

Highlighted Snowy Scene By Road

highlighted winter scene down road.JPG

Bird images are for the #FeatheredFriends community hosted by @melinda010100

Big shout out to @ace108 for running the Beautiful Sunday tag every week supporting the accounts. Also to @c0ff33a for the Sublime Sunday tag for your random Sunday posts!
The photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

Thanks for stopping by!

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