Very concerned parents here.

The sunbird baby was out of the nest and in the tree.

But somebody else was also in the tree as you can see above and he wasn't a sunbird.

The forced power cuts over here are slowly threatening to drive me insane.
On Saturday we were warned about an impending power cut, so we duly switched everything off and waited, but nothing happened.
On Sunday it was the same thing and again we had no powercut. So today we decided to ignore the power cut warning and it happened.
We were only switched back on a half an hour ago.
But let's have a look at the imposter here.

He is a White-backed Mousebird, the same one that I was so glad to get on my camera a couple of days ago in another tree.

The dad was flitting all round with his excited little cheeps.

And the mom was just as concerned, also flitting around.

But this guy was not too concerned and he just continued to eat from the Bottlebrush flowers.

The dad eventually sat and looked at me.

In a pleading way he said, "Please come on then, please come and help to get this stranger away".

And of course I got the stranger away, as I walked to the tree, whistled loudly, and banged the tree with my hand. Bang! The mousebird was gone and peace reigned again.
I saw today that the sunbirds have now moved their baby into another tree further back behind the Bottlebrush tree.
Very clever, as it is not a seed-bearing tree, and nothing in there for the mousebird to eat.
So the sunbird baby is safe for now, and we only need to keep an eye on the cats in the complex.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

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