My camera begged me to take sea birds.

And so in order to avoid an argument, I took some seabird shots.

A lone Grey Heron sat guarding the end of the old jetty.

Really losing my marbles as I forgot to do an introduction and had to edit the post now.

In any case, things are getting better here as far as the bad weather and the black outs are concerned and it seems that both will be good this week. I know that the birds will be greatly relieved and I think that the Heron bird looked really miserable here.
But how would you feel if you were caught in stormy winds and rain for a few weeks?

Mrs. Snappy (my camera's name) was happy, as she was tired of taking photos of speed boats Here

A grey heron (Ardea cinerea) on a grey day, as our weather is copying the Hive price. Up and down as life goes.

A family of Cape Cormorants were listening to a Christmas song by their leader.

But now someone else arrived, a White Breasted Cormorant (Phalacrocorax lucidus).

Wait for it as he was preparing for something and by now my coffee was cold.

Bang! There he goes with his best ballet pose.

Oh and before I forget!

When you see a strange pedestrian at a shop window front, that seems lost.

Please assist by picking him up and then help him across the road to the beach.

Such is life at the beach and it is always an adventure when we travel the 6 kilometers from our house to the beach. Unfortunately our beach will be packet with end of year holiday makers coming from all over the country and the world. So now we have a few days until the 16th to still do our thing until we withdraw from the beach until the 4th of January. Not that we mind as we are all free and we welcome the visitors, as they also have to have some time at the ocean after a very difficult Covid year.

Besides there are many other isolated spots for us to visit during the holiday period, as we are staying here at home and will just continue to do our charity thing.

And That's All Friends!

Photos by Zac Smith-All rights reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera

Thank you kindly for supporting a post on behalf of @papilloncharity

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