Happy Friday shots for you today.

Some splendidly colored birds in the wild beauty of nature.

Now compare this photo above to the last photo in this post to see this bird's beautiful green colors.

Fridays are always good days to get the colors in nature, provided that it is not raining and the sun shines brightly.
We spent an hour here at this farm for a quick coffee and some photos.
Come and enjoy this short period with us.

A lovely day out in nature and nothing is better than enjoying the multitude of colors in the bright sun.

Caught the lovely little Southern Double-collared Sunbird on a flower.

This female Malachite was also enjoying her morning in the sun.

Here he is again (Double-collared Sunbird) amongst the colored old leaves of an oak tree, that will soon change to the green colors of Spring.

You saw this Malachite in the first photo, as the sun clothed him in turquoise colors, but here are his true colors,

We love the sun during the early parts of Spring as there is always a cool breeze blowing, and it makes outdoor visits very enjoyable.
The one thing that we don't like is the Summer hot temperatures of 40C+
That heat under the African sun can really sap a person's energy and it also creates a wheelbarrow full of sweat.

Specially when one has to attend a formal occasion dressed in the formal suit collar and tie. Before one speaks it feels like one is swimming in the suit and I am not a great fan of wearing a tie in the Summer heat.
Be that as it may, one has to do what one has to do.

And That's All Friends!

Photos by Zac Smith-All Right's Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

We hope that you have enjoyed the story and the pictures.

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