Did the wild geese follow us?

We thought that we left them behind when we moved to a new house.


There was a familiar loud noise outside and we didn't think that we would ever hear that noise again.

Many of you know Harry and Sally, the wild Egyptian goose couple that we fed at our old house over the last few years. So we know every sound that they make and the noise outside sounded like an alarm warning.
So I popped out to see what was going on.

There! At the top of the roof of a house opposite our place sat what looked like Harry.

Yes, I saw the dove landing and I knew that it wasn't Harry.

The female goose also landed and I so hoped that it was Sally.

She flew off again and she was much louder than our Sally.

But here's the reason why I knew that it wasn't Harry. Doves are not suicidal and no dove will sit anywhere near our Harry. Look how relaxed this male goose was.

So eventually the dove flew away.
056 (2).JPG

The female goose returned.

And finally they took off and left us with sore hearts as we thought they were our Harry and Sally.

I think that Mother nature just wanted to remind us to call our ex neighbor and to find out how Harry and Sally are doing.
When we left the old place, she agreed to continue with the feeding of the geese and the squirrels and also all the other of our ex-garden residents.
So we called, but there was no answer and we will try again later on.
Yes, we miss our little animals but thankfully there is much new life appearing here at the new place. Save it to say, that we have not started feeding again, although I have hung the water bottle out for the birds.
We didn't think we would see much here, but with the river so close we are happy that we were mistaken as we already have new little visitors to our garden.
Such is life.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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