Born in a storm.

A break in the rain.

Can you believe this? The rain stopped for awhile and the mom led the new little ones straight to a puddle in the road.

Sally presented the new goslings to us yesterday and I counted 11 of them, but instead there were 12 and all of them are still alive and well. We did a bit of baby sitting today and thankfully now the sky is starting to clear in the late afternoon. Bad news for the babies is that it will continue to rain intermittently for the rest of the week.
Come and see.

I just had to snap the dove flying across.

Wet, wet, wet, the mom and all of the babies.

But they stepped out of the pool and started drying off.

Learning from mom what to do the babies were at times comical in their preening actions.
Check how the little one at the bottom left is sticking out his stomach.

But look! How cute is this?

A baptism of fire, as they were not only born now in winter, but they sleep in torrential downpours under their mother's wings at night. Amazing how she can fit 12 babies snugly under her and poor Harry stands guard over them for the whole night.
Lucky for them, I chased one cat last night, but he will be back to try his luck tonight.
Harry slept for most of the day and he will have to be on the ball tonight as the predators will now start to gather.
Such is life here at the moment.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS

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