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Show Me A Photo Contest Round 30
I have decided to enter this post in both aspects, Sunrise/Sunset, of the competition.

This is a contest hosted on #featheredfriends by Lady @nelinoava and the topic was suggested by @kohsamui99 .
You can enter Here

I promised a surprise and the first 3 photos will show you a sunrise-sun-halo with some birds in it. Let me tell you that it can take a few hours of waiting before a bird flies through the halo, but Lady Patience is a good friend of mine. What I mean is that I know how to wait and that's why I get these shots. Nothing secret about it as I am just a simple guy with a simple camera and if I can do it, then just so can each of you,

I heard the call of a Hadeda Ibis and as he flew through the halo, I knew that his mate would also be along.

And I was right as here she also flew into the halo.

Here below are my 3 sunset entries.

A seagull crossed over while the sun was struggling to drop down behind a cloud.

The sun started to emerge from the cloud and on cue another seagull wanted to be on my camera.

This is a late afternoon silhouette of a predator bird and it was either a buzzard or a falcon.

Now I am not going to type a lot of words here, as each of the photos can speak for themselves, so instead I leave it up to you which of the photos, or photo appeals to you.
Not that I am lazy to write, but I respect the fact that we are all different and what I like you the reader might like something else.

Photos by Zac Smith and drawn from my files as it's raining here-All Rights Reserved

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

We hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

Thank you kindly for supporting a post by @papilloncharity

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