A true goose love story.

Harry and Sally have come to eat here in our garden for many years.
After her supper, Sally came to sit above my head to see what I was up to with my camera. I was preparing to take the moon shots that you saw in my previous post today.

You will remember Sally's babies that I showed you before, and Sally spends the whole day with them. At times, Harry will relieve her, but he is mostly on high look out points on guard watching out for predators.

In any case, Sally popped off her high spot above me and walked across the roof.
I waited to snap her in the blue hole in the cloud.

Sally popped onto the protruding wall column and Harry flew in to join her.

This is a ritual that they repeat every day, as first they have breakfast here and then Sally leaves to be with the babies. Then late in the afternoon, Harry and Sally appear for a quick supper and then they go off together to spend the night with the youngsters.

Always so nice to see how they greet each other when Harry arrives from his high spot.

Sally always waits for Harry, and at times when he is late she can make a very loud noise. Harry then suddenly appears out of nowhere.
This ritual must have been repeated countless times over the years, and we found Harry and Sally here begging for food when we moved in here a few years ago.

Finally here is some guesswork for you below!

Tell me if you can see the 4 birds in the tree and what else you see in the photo.

We have simply allowed the Harry and Sally ritual to continue over the years. Egyptian geese mate for life and Harry is a fierce protector of his family.
Sally seems to shout the odds, and our warrior Harry is very meek in her presence. He really treats her like a lady should be treated, with respect and love.
I have never seen a fight between Harry and Sally, and whenever Harry gets into a fight with another goose, crow, falcon, or kite Sally shouts her lungs out to support Harry.
Now that's my version of true love.

And That's All Friends!

Photos by Zac Smith - All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

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