A first sunlight delight.

Their first time in the sun!

I call them "The brothers and sisters goose" and asked them to pose for a promotional shot. But I was not happy with the shot as the two at the back were shy.

Since they were born in a storm, this brief period of sunlight was all that they will see for a long time.
A serious storm will strike us today with winds at 70 kph.

Have a look Here

So, I asked them for a second pose and it was a bit better, but they are a restless lot.

A ray of sun appeared through the trees and mom Sally led the goslings into it.

That little one at the far right looked so happy and they have started to squeal now that sounds delightful.

Yes, there are 12 babies under mom Sally here, as it was time for a nap and the sun was gone.

Dad Harry was also resting, as we were going to have a long night again protecting the babies.

I write this now in the advancing storm's rain, as they say that the full storm will strike us later today.
Thankfully all 12 of the babies are still alive as we fed them quickly this morning just before the rain came in.
The amazing warrior Harry is standing guard in the rain and if only some people in our world would protect their children like this, we would have less children in shelters.

And That's All Friends!

Note that this is a promotional post.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS.

We hope that you enjoyed the story and the pictures.

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