Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 37 – my entry

Hello everybody! This is my application for the competition. If I were a bird, what would you like to become? It took me a while to understand who I can be like, externally and internally))
And then I remembered about the pink flamingo!

This sociable waterfowl is as contactable as I am, I also love communication))) She is thermophilic. I myself cannot stand the cold either, so I wear socks all year round, I need constant warmth.
Look what bright feathers this bird has!


Did you know that little flamingos are not born pink? Chicks are born gray in color, acquire color later, during the first years of life. This is the period when a beautiful bright bird is born from a small black ugly chick. Also, I was reborn from a little inconspicuous girl into an interesting and bright person!))


The flamingo is an omnivorous animal that eats everything. Yes, this is the spitting image of me! I also love delicious food and can eat anything.
The flamingo is monogamous like the swan. He chooses a pair for himself once and for all.


I also chose my husband once and for all. We have been together since 19 years old, now I am 36 years old and we have three wonderful children.
In captivity, flamingos live for about 60 years, in natural conditions - about 40 years. I hope that I will live longer on this beautiful land!
Flamingo is a symbol of balance, open heart and openness to others. I want to wish you balance in your soul, in life, to be open to this world and new impressions, and love!
Happy viewing and thanks for supporting the post!
Have a nice day!

Best wishes, Oksana

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