Robin on a log


Heavy rains and strong winds poured all week. It was impossible to leave the house and into the forest. Finally, the rains began to fall intermittently. Immediately I went to the forest. Although it was damp, the day was warm, one might say hot.
There were many birds in the forest. However, the dense foliage, which grew even more during the rains, hid the birds well from my eyes. Walk almost to no avail for about an hour, I went to the edge. Coming to the end of the forest, I saw a large old log from a tree blown by the wind. A small robin was galloping along the log. I had to sneak very carefully so as not to scare her away. My patience has been rewarded. I took some pretty good photos.
I really like these birds. If you stand still and do not make movements, they themselves come quite close.
It's a pity that I don't have to see often.