Swamp chicken by the river

*This summer was not very hot. Only 2-3 weeks was over 30 degrees Celsius. The rest of the time was very comfortable summer weather. The only thing that was not very good was that few birds flew to us.

There were significantly more of them last year. What influenced this, I can not say for sure. It is possible that old trees were cut down in all large parks this year. A new road was being laid through the forest where I constantly go. And it is possible that the birds went to those regions where the weather was warmer.

Last summer we had a lot of swamp chicken families on the river. In summer they could be seen with a large family of cute little chicks.
Unfortunately, this year I saw only one brood of marsh hens. It's already autumn. In good weather, I went to my nearby forest in the hope of seeing birds and photographing them.
On the way, I always came across wild ducks of which there are a great many in these places. They live in small flocks. usually about 10-12 individuals.

I always take a little food for them, because I know that they are always waiting to be fed. So it was this time. Coming closer to them, I saw a marsh hen among the ducks. Apparently the hens have grown up and dispersed. This chicken began to live in a flock of ducks.

She was, of course, small compared to ducks, but she moved very quickly. I took out duck food and began to throw it, trying to get it closer to the swamp chicken.

Finally, the pieces fell near the hen, and she, grabbing the largest piece, rushed to run. Apparently she was very afraid that the ducks would take him away.
I was very pleased that the hen would eat at least not much food.

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