Winners Of Show Me A Photo Contest Round 30 in Feathered Friends Community

Hello Feathered Friends Lovers,

Week 30 is over and so is the round 30 in Show me a photo Contest in Feathered Friends Community. The theme was BIRD AND SUNSET/SUNRISE and we had amazing entries again. Sunrises and sunsets always facinate people, but when there are birds in the same frame, the images look much better and our contestants prove it.


And here are our winning feathered friends.

🥇First prize and 5 Hive goes to @dontcare89
Feathered friends - round 30

🥈Second prize and 4 Hive goes to @gems.and.cookies
Show Me A Photo Contest Round 30 - The Fun And Frustrations Of A Feathered Friend

🥉Third prize and 3 Hive goes to @papilloncharity
Birds and Sunset/Sunrise :@papilloncharity

🥉Fourth prize and 2 Hive goes to @pardinus
Sillouetes at the golden hour

Honorable mentions and 1 Hive each goes to

Feathered Friends - Round 30 - Birds Sunset and Sunrise.

entry smap 30

Owl at Sunset (Show Me a Photo Contest 30)

Feathered Friends Contest Participation Entry - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 30/ The bird sit in silence as the sun sets

Amanecer en el Tirano.Sunrise at the Tyrant.Roun 30.Feathered Friends

show me a photo (of a bird) - doves. again (7 foto)

Each winner and honourable mention will receive 100 Ecency POINTS each. Check your wallet.

Congratulations and hope to see your entries again.

👇Do not forget to check this week's post 👇


Huge thank you Feathered Freands team for your support and sponsorship and special thanks to @melinda010100!

Big thank you to our judge @oks2crypto!


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