The Stork Family

If you ask me which is my favourite bird, it would be hard to answer as I like all birds. However, storks would be among the ones I always will admire. They are very much beloved as heralds of the spring. I always look for their arrival in March and this year in particular I was fortunate to see the flocks above me and to shoot many photos. Sadly the photos of the black storks were horrible and I have not a single decent one. So my photos by far are about the white storks.

I know from my mates at work that there is a nest close to our factory. It was about time to go and find it. Besides this is the time for seeing the fledglings.

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Now back to the storks. I found easily the nest. Like I said, it was not far from where I work, on the top of a chimney of abandoned building, that once was a bakery. Locals told me each year the storks return to the nest.


For my delight, the little one poked its head. I think there are two fledglings, but I am not sure if I managed to photograph them both.

Look how long its neck is.



Oh, yes, there are two little ones. When I zoomed next photo, I see their heads.


And then, one of them raised its butt. How rude.


And here it goes. Never stand below the nest or park your car there. 😅


I kept on shooting. I had not much time and I had to return in the office.



I may steal some time from my lunch break next week and I will go and see how the stork family is doing. How lucky are the people living next to them. The houses next to that nest are perfect to observe and witness storks raising their chicks. It is not unusual these big and gorgeous birds to build their nests so close to humans on chimneys, rooftops and poles.

Hope you enjoyed viewing my post and hope soon to have more news about the stork family.


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