Hoopoe And I

How close one can get close to a bird to shoot without scaring it? I just figured out with this Hoopoe. Firstly, it is very rare bird for our park. But it proved me wrong, because we started to spot it almost everyday. But soon ot will be gone. Like the rest of the other burds who will spend the winter in warmer places in the south.

My point is that I could reach the bird so close that I need not to crop my photos. Usually I am far and to see the details, I always crop. Have a look yourself.

Suprisingly, the hoopoe was in front of our block of flats. And not only that it was basically at my doorstep, but this is the domain of so many cats, I wonder how they did not chase it.

Obviously there was so much food, that the hungry bird did not pay much attention of me and my camera clicks.

Now, to have a clear view of how close I was, here is a picture my hubby took of me and the bird. And he outlined the bird in the bottom left corner.

I wonder what this weekend will bring. Weather changes and maybe will be hot again before the temperatures will drop considerably.

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