Flock of Pelicans

Have you seen the pelicans flying?

I saw few times flocks of pelicans and they were rather away. I made couple of shots but I wasn't pleased with them. Last time while hubby and I were in the park searching for birds, we got lucky to see again the pelicans. I have to admit that this is always luck to be at the right time and place. The flock wasn't big, like the ones with the storks. You have no idea how sorry I am for spoiling the images of the black storks. First time ever I have seen black storks and all the photos were overexposed and there were none to show. Now back to the pelicans. Like I said it was luck because they were pretty close and I got plenty of shots to choose from.



I am not sure what kind of pelicans they are. There are two species that can be observed in my country - Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus) and Great White pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus), which I thought is called rosy pelican as well. The Great White Pelican is migratory bird and lives in colonies in lakes near Burgas, this is south from where I live or in the reserve called Sreabarna on the Danube river. In our Varna zoo, there are several birds and I have photos of them that I have posted before.

They look pretty clumsy on the ground, but look how elegant they are in the sky.





Just think about it - the wing span of 220 - 360 cm! Now you see that even so high above I could manage to capture some details.

The more I look at the photos after cropping, the more I think that these are the White Pelicans. I can't be hundred percent sure as my photos are not so sharp and I could be easily mistaken. The Dalmatian pelicans are more grayish in colour and I think they lack that black colour of the wings. Dalmatia pelucans also migrate and form colonies in the same places as the White Pelicans.

The flock was flying in V shaped formation but also swirl in spirals. I guess it is because of the thermals.


And finally a very bad attempt to capture the flock and the Moon, which can be seen at the right end of the images below.



And that is all for now. Happy birding and may the feather be with you! ☺

This week Show Me A Photo Contest is about birds and fences and I am curious to see your entries. Here is the link to the contest - Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 19.


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