Featheredfriday with my feathered friends

It is Feathered Friday today and I would like to share my photos of winged friends I encountered in the recent days.

Green woodpecker

I am almost certain this is the same young bird I saw before when it was still having the spotted coloured feathers of a fledgling and now is having the smooth green colour of an adult. This time he did not want to turn around and left me with the view of his back. But that's all right, we will meet again as there is not a single day, if not to see at least to hear it. When they fly they make that very specific call like laughter. As you can see he is very well hidden among the leaves.





The big flocks of starlings that have invaded the area are gone. Still some birds can be seen around and to be heard. There are several trees in the school yard where the starlings gather and whistle. They have big repertoire of sounds, but the whistle can make you think that it is a man, not a bird.




The jackdaw was fighting with the nut and paid little attention to the people passing by, including me but for a moment stopped and looked at the camera.




Magpies were flying frantically. When they spread the wings, it is great to capture them, but not so easy, I am pretty slow. However I got these images. I was on low shutter speed and they are not sharp enough.




To my surprise I saw jay in our local park. I have seen it in other places but never where I live. It was not welcomed as the magpies tried their best to chase it away.
At first I saw it from a distance landing on the top branch of the tallest pine tree. I thought it was a dove, as doves always perched there, but hubby said no, it could not be a dove. Quick shot, not quite on focus and yes, it is a jay and you can see also the magpie below.


The jay descended on lower branches but not for long.


Look how the magpie is after the jay like a hawk.


Magpies don't mind the doves, I haven't seen anything like that, but the jay must be intruder. Next days hubby has spotted the jay again and I wonder if it will stay around or will fly away, being unwanted by the magpie gang.

Common chiffchaff

When the birds have gone south, others came and will spend the winter here. One of them is the chiffchaff. I was glad it is here and to meet it after several months.


The other bird I was happy to see is the wren. I got no fresh photo, because I had no camera. I was coming back carrying shopping bags when I heard it, the little wren was perching on a branch of a very small tree next to my home. A stray cat was stalking the bird beneath. When I approached the tree, the cat ran away and the wren flew to the nearest almond tree. I hope to have the camera with me next time.

I will save the photos of the Great and Blue tit for another post and I will finish with something different. A bat. Well, I have to say, it is sooo hard to snap this bugger, who was so fast and it was dusk and the light was terrible. The image is terrible too, but this is the best I have. Still I got it and it is recognizable.


The weekend is close and I hope the weather to be favourable for more birding and photos.

Wish you all much sunshine and happy birding!


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