Swan Couples Morning Rituals • Show Me A Photo Contest Round 19

Welcome dear Reader and Feather Lover,

my entry for this round of the Feathered Friends Photo Contest is a little collection of swan couples i caught doing their morning things while i was out and about on my morning walks down at the River Spree.

Morning Toilet

A swan couple doing their morning toilet in the rising sun at the River Spree. This photo is my contest entry, because they’re birds and they’re doing their thing next to a fence.

Swan Couple Morning Toilet

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Shore Clean-Up

Here we have a swan couple that seems to clean-up the shore or maybe they are just searching for food. I watched them for a few minutes wildly throwing around a lot of those branches for whatever reason.

Swan Couple Shore Clean-Up

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Breakfast Time

And now after all the cleaning swans here's a couple having a little swimming breakfast underneath a willow at the River Spree.

Swan Couple Breakfast

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