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The current topic of the Feathered Friends Photo Contest is Bird Silhouettes and this is not exactly what i'm aiming at when shooting birds so i had to dig a little in my archives and tadaa, i found two photos that suit the topic. While giving them the finishing touches i had an idea to give my post a little time twist and make it a bit more interesting for you, dear Feather Loving Visitor. So now i have two extra edits for you to enjoy. They're kind of fake silhouettes, but they're bird silhouettes of some sorts and i hope you like them as much as i do.

Sunset Silhouette

This photo of a swan and a duck at sunset is my favorite of the two silhouettte shots and i think this should be the actual entry for the contest.

Swan Sunset Silhouette

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Antenna Chill-Out Club

Here's the second silhouette photo i found and judging by the time of day in the metadata and the pose of these crows i must have been shooting them at sunset, just like the golden swan above.


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Goose Negative

And now let me take you on a trip down memory lane to a time when photos where developed from film negatives. I hope you enjoy those very special kind of bird silhouettes too.


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Swan Couple Negative

Such negative photos have their very own kind of visual aesthetics, don't you think?!


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