SMAP contest-Bird Silhouettes

The theme for this week's Show Me A Photo contest in Feathered Friends is BIRD Silhouettes

Share your original photos in the hive-106444 Feathered Friends Community and remember to put your link on @nelinoeva 's contest post HERE Read and follow the Rules!

A reminder that if you include a minimum of 3 photos and write 200 or more English words on your Feathered Friends posts you may receive an OCD curation nomination.

Wild turkey silhouette

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Gulls watching a Lake Michigan sunrise.

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Bald Eagle silhouettes

Wood duck silhouette

I can't wait to see your silhouette photos! @nelinoeva and @oks2crypto will be looking forward to seeing them, too. Good luck in the contest!

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Make a shadowy guess in the contest hosted by @eolianpariah!

ğŸŒžGuess the ShadowğŸŒž

When you are out Shadow Hunting, remember to go Reflection Hunting and enter @annephilbrick 's contest, too!

Reflection Hunters contest

img_0.3658591587697289.jpg image by @brittandjosie

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by @barbara-orenya

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