Feathered Friends SMaP- BUMS and BOTTOMS

The topic this week for @nelinoeva's SMAP contest is BIRD BUMS/BOTTOMS! I can't wait to see the entries.

'HERE are the rules for this week's Show Me A Photo Contest in the FEATHERED FRIENDS COMMUNITY.*

I've been going out early every morning and sitting on my deck with a cup of tea and my phone in my hand to enjoy the relative coolness of the morning before the day starts to heat up. I took the camera along with me, thinking that it would be easy to get some photos for the contest, but it seemed like every bird wanted to look right at the lens!

This blue jay turned as he prepared to fly off.

And I was able to get a shot of this American gold finch as he had his back to me.

Early morning is my favorite time for bird watching, and as I drug the hose around watering the plants, I was careful not to get the camera wet and still take a few more photos as the opportunity arose!

Red bellied woodpecker

There are so many babies right now! Baby downy woodpeckers are every where! Normally the cylinder feeder needs to be filled once a week and right now with all the baby birds that the parents are bringing to the feeder it only lasts for 2 days!

This little downy woodpecker seems a bit confused about where he was supposed to go and landed on the plant rack right next to me, so close that I had difficulty focusing!

This catbird youngster quickly realized his mistake when he landed atop the grill and noticed me when I lifted the camera!

And this little guy was so wobbly on the bendy branch he was on that I couldn't get a clear shot at all! But he was sure noisy as he sat squawking loudly for his mom!

Hopefully the temperatures begin to cool back down to more normal summer days and I can once again spend more time out on the deck without roasting!

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Banner and feathers
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