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First act
A vain dove thinks:
They invited all stratum of birds to the yacht, they see how they behave, they have no class to be in the marina. I better stay here observing the landscape.

Second act
A pigeon from the group gets on the yacht and greets politely:
Friendly Dove: -Hi, the day is beautiful.-
Arrogant Dove: -The truth, I've seen better.-
Friendly Dove: -Ariscoid attitude, similar to another breed; perfect I join my other guests who are affectionate.
Arrogant Dove: -Forgive the rudeness-
Friendly Dove: -Don't excuse yourself, join the group of pigeons, without acting as a vain dove because we are sociable flock and we support each other


Picture 1
Everything was perfectly planned. Joe was well dressed and perfect today as he waited at the spot Sophie would always stop by for her morning coffee. Tim, Jake and Andy, being Joe’s Wingmen, stood behind the ledge, on a look out for Sophie’s movements.
“Her she comes!!! Everyone act cool!!!”, yelled Jake into his Bluetooth and signalled to his friends

Picture 2
Jake, Tim and Andy turned away and pretended to be normal walkers while actively spying on their best friend and his first crush.
She was finally here. Sophie gracefully entered the area and Joe was frozen on spot.


Amidst the Corona virus pandemic and lockdown, Kate's mother and her friends planned on taking a public bath at the sea shore.
They searched for the best spot where no one would disturb them.
They were fortunate to find this area filled with boats.
When they were going out, Kate begged her mother to join them and it was granted.
They arrived, started bathing but Kate didn't take part at all.
Kate's mother noticed and took permission to see her daughter from her friends.
When she came close to Kate (about 2 meters), she asked her;

Kate's mother: Baby what's the matter?
Kate: Mom am feeling cold
Kate's mother: Let me feel your temperature
Kate: No Mom, keep your distance
Kate's mother: Oh dear! Let's fly to the hospital for check-up
Kate: Okay

She took Kate straight to the hospital for check-up. It was successfully done and the result was given to Kate's mother.
Guess what?

Kate is just having Malaria


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