My Entry into "Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 66"

Hi Feathered Friends,
Happy Eid Mubarak !! The next day is our Holly Eid day. It's our religious festival.

** Last contest I did not participate in the misunderstanding theme. It's hearting for me because of the 62-64 contest I was winning 2 contests. By the way when the 66 contest was announced I was worried about the theme. I start to search my gallery/drive to find some photos for the contest entry. Finally, I found it. It's 1 year ago I captured it.**

So, Here is my entry for this week. I think that It will be a fantastic contest for every bird photographer and photography lover. Win or loss doesn't fact, the main fact is the pleasure of the hobby.

Birds name: I was not discovered due to distance. But it seems that it will be "crow"

It's not good capturing because it was 1year ago when I have no knowledge about mobile photography.

I think it will best option in my hand to submit it here. The bird is a symbol of freedom and happiness. If you have no friends you walk alone and enjoy nature. I learn it from This bird.


I give thanks to @oks2crypto, who is helping to choose all entries for the winners.
also Thanks to @carlagonz and @corvidae for the theme suggestions.

thank you to Feathered Friends Community and @melinda010100,@hive-106444 for sponsoring the contest. also thanks to @barbara-orenya for her constant and creative support.
Finally thanks to @nelinoeva to host such a beautiful contest between us

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