Shikra | The Bird of Prey | SMAP 163

The Shikra is a small bird of prey and commonly found in Asia. As they travel a lot in search of food and not found easily unless you are lucky to spot them. Thanks, @nelinoeva, for this contest on Feathered Friends Community. So today I am sharing few pictures of this beautiful bird in this week contest of SHOW ME A PICTURE OF BIRD FREE THEME.

This beauty is also called Raptors as they prey on other smaller animals like sparrows, white eyes, warblers etc. as their food source. They can be identified by their hook-shaped beaks and sharp, curved claws, called talons. The male has red eyes, and the female eyes color is yellow. As I got up early and enjoying morning breeze at my terrace, suddenly this Shikra showed up in front of me chasing some bird. As this bird was busy observing his prey, I got some time to capture these photographs.

In our area, mostly these birds seen as pets, and people raise them for hunting; some people also trade them. But seeing these birds in the wild is a treat, and hope these birds thrives in numbers. Hope feather friends community like these pictures. Thanks for reading



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