Feathered Friends - Top Branch Birds - Round 27.

Hi to all you bird lovers out there, with the past couple of rounds, I just didn't have those bird themes to enter but for this weeks theme suggested by @deerjay birds on top of the tree branches or shrubs, I can do, normally when I am out on my walks and not on my jogs, I will take my time to look around for whatever may take my interest to photography whether it be flowers, trees, clouds and I even look out for birds but they always seem to see me coming and take of like a super jet going to war but I do get lucky sometimes, if I spot them before they spot and I try not to get to close to them as to spook them of, so I usually try the maximum zoom trick on them sometimes they are just that little bit to far away and I need to stretch that zoom way pass that maximum because at the point when, I have got them in my camera lens, I do not want to make a move or sound as with my luck this would spook them of so, I just need to rely on my good faithful zoom lens but even then by over stretching that zoom lens the photos will become a little blurred and distorted and not even photo editing can fix them to look better and in this series of bird photos you will see that in a couple of photos were, I have over stretched the zoom lens in order to capture them birds on the top branch or shrub unfortunately, I can not name these birds but, I do think @nelinoeva may be able to assist us with the name of these birds, so with no further delay here are the lucky birds that that got captured by my camera and are going to be made famous here on Hive today.

A hard decision was been made here whether, I go for the bird on the top branch or the bird on the top shrub but, I finally decided to go as for my judging photo the bird on the top branch only because he looks so cute with that leaf in his mouth almost looks like he is trying to shade himself from the sun 🌞








Feathered Friends - Top Branch Birds - Round 27 - by @nelinoeva

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