Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 19 - Birds on the Fence.

This weeks #featheredfriends bought to you by @nelinoeva Show Me A Photo Contest Round 19!! the theme been for this round is "Bird and Fence". There has been a few themes here that I have not been able to enter only because I didn't have the right photos for that theme but with birds on the fence I think I can handle this one I do remember clicking away at some birds sitting on a wooden, wire or brick fences only for the reason that they were sitting still and were an unusual bird well not all of them but maybe I was just trying to test my photography skills but honestly every time I captured a decent photo of a bird on my camera it made me feel excited and leaving me feeling more professional...lol..the fun of photography.

Well here we go these are what I found in my archive and honestly I don't really remember where and when I took these photos but I will try and remember as we go along.

This first one I do remember we were visiting a wildlife sanctuary park in Thailand on Koh Samui Island, and this beautiful Macaw Parrot was just calmly sitting on this wire fence out front of this coffee shop waiting for his coffee and cracker biscuit he seemed pretty well tamed, I do think he was a permanent guest there I assume.


This guy is one of our many specie's of Magpie birds we have in Australia.


This fella is the common little Sparrow see almost all around the world just like Pigeons 🤣


Wow...This guy is as common as the little Sparrow and you know his name is just not coming to me but I do think @nelinoeva will be able to help us out on this guy's name ?


This last one I captured in Thailand and I do remember @nelinoeva posting one of these guy's and if my mind serves me right, I do think she called this one an Zebra Dove, quite a beautiful looking bird I thought.


And that's all I have in my collection of "Bird and Fence" thank you for this amazing contest @nelinoeva 😊