Feathered Friends - Round 38 - Tails.

I have to agree with @nelinoeva the tail of a Peacock bird is the most wonderful and colorful tail of all birds and I had the opportunity of seeing a Peacock bird and his three little friends the Guinea Fowls in a front yard while, I was holidaying in Koh Samui they were living in the front yard of this big mansion house just beside the resort we were staying at, they were just roaming around freely in this huge green lawn enjoying the people's attention, over the week we stayed at this resort not once unfortunately did, I see his tail fan out, I suppose there was no female Peacock bird to impress and i'm sure the three Guinea Fowls would not have been impressed, we did see the male Peacock use his tail in flight to steer himself as he flew of one fence to another and wave his tail around as he was hunting around for food on this huge green lawn of this mansion that was impressive enough, it was amazing to see how well the Peacock and these three Guinea Fowls, all got along without showing any aggression towards each other.







The Guinea Fowls even decided to show me a bit of what tail they had was a nice texture actually like a chessboard.


This Seagull was a lucky shot as he was coming in for a landing, at the time, I was taking a photo of the crashing waves he flew in, at perfect timing as, I pull my shutter bombing my photo perfectly that was one in a million shots, I would say.


And here are a couple more birds relaxing amongst the weeds and the sand on the Byron Bay beach, thinking no one could see them, I was surprised they stay still and didn't take of in flight as, I photographed them of course, I pull the trigger real quick before they did take off, is why they are a little blurry. Have no idea what sought of birds they are but they all look quite pretty.






Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 38 by @nelinoeva

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