Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 49

Hello there, everyone. Welcome to Round 49 of the SMAP Contest, sponsored by our friend @nelinoeva. The theme for this week is:


Here is the picture of a beautiful bird Brahminy Mynah or Brahminy Starling was taken by me while preening. Just before Corona started (two years back) I had a visit to Van Vihar, famous National Park situated at Bopal in India.

Nature in its purest form can be seen across the Van Vihar area, and a piece of the Bhopal Big Pond (about 50 hectares) next to Van Vihar has also been added, further boosting the region's spectacular beauty.


In science, this gorgeous starling from India and Nepal is known as "pagodarum," which refers to its habit of perching on temple pagodas in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Brahminy Starling, like the other members of the Sturnidae family, is a social bird that congregates in huge groups at roosting sites.

On the adult, the elongated head feathers form a long, loose crest that is visible from a distance. Feathers are hackled in a similar fashion on the neck and upper breast. The summit of the skull and the top of the forehead are both a brilliant black. The nape is cinnamon in color and striped with tiny shafts. Frequently, this area is hidden by the large crest feathers of the bird.

The mantle, back, and rump of the bird are brownish-grey in color on the upperparts. When it comes to the upper wings of coverts, they are grey-tinged brown, whilst the primaries are dull blackish, with a hint of white at the base. The tail is grey-brown in color with white tips, with the exception of the middle pair of feathers.

The bill is golden in color with a bluish underside. The color of the eyes is a faint greenish-yellow. Iridescent golden hues can be seen on the legs and feet of the costume.

CameraXiomi Mi 10 + Macro Lens
CategoryBird Photography
LocationBhapal, India
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Hope you're all going to have a nice day #birdwatching.


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