Show Me A Photo Contest Round 19 ~ Bird on a Fence

Okay... now turn to your left. I was talking to the robin but they never seem to listen, do they?


This is the fence around my yard. Birds will perch here now and then but they really prefer the trees. In the background, you can see some overhanging branches from my cherry tree.

I'm entering this photo in the #SMAP contest, round 19, by @nelinoeva. See ->>This post<<- to enter.


I tried moving closer... hold still... just a second more... Of course at this point the robin got annoyed and flew away, landing in the cherry tree.


Here's a shot of the robin in the cherry tree. I'm changing the subject now, hoping you won't notice the lack of fences in these final shots... 😀


Let's see who else we have in the tree. Hummingbirds love to nest here. We get them every year.


...and now I'm out of bird photos, so I'll close this post with some cherry blossoms. 😀


All photos in this post were taken by me, @keitboone.

The Feathered Friends community was created by @melinda010100 and the banner below is the artwork of @barbara-orenya.


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