My Latest Bird Photos

Hey friends, today I have several new shots to show you. Many of these were taken this morning. I hope you like them!


I captured this male Mallard duck in the middle of the reflection from a cherry tree and I just loved the colours!


The great blue herons are back in the park - although possibly not as many as other years.


The herons are all at the top of some very tall trees and most of my photos didn't turn out. Still, that's the beauty of digital... take as many shots as you want and delete all the bad ones! :-)


Here's a female Anna's hummingbird perched on a small branch. I was able to get very close to this one!


...and here's another I captured in-flight.


The robins were busy feasting on red berries and making a lot of noise. I guess they were very happy!


I'm not sure about this next bird... is this a red house finch?


Next is just a regular rock pigeon. Some people don't like these birds but I think they're pretty.


I waited for quite a while to see if this bald eagle would leave the nest but no luck. I think there must be a batch of eggs in the nest.


Finally, did I show you this one before? A wooden crow is eating a wooden berry. It looks down and sees its legs... "Oh crap," it says, "I'm screwed!" :-)

All photos were taken by me, @keithboone, with a Fuji X-T4 camera.

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