The Bird I want to Be - Great egret


This picture is my entry for the contest

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life.” -Rumi

From childhood I love birds. I dreamed to fly like a bird. I want to be the Great egret bird. If I become A Great egret I would fly over the beautiful lakes. If I become a Great egret I could fly and sit on the highest branch of the tree, I could feel the air, I could fly and touch the water while flying.


I like Great egret because this bird has long legs and this bird also can fly. I also like the white colour of Great egret. White sky, white Great egret both are magnificent beauty of nature.


In our city, there is a lot of Great egrets I have seen. Because there are a lot of ponds and some residential areas with a lot of trees. So some of the areas in the sanctuary for these beautiful white birds. All these pictures I have taken from two different residential areas.


The first four pictures I have taken from the Keloka residential area, Parbatipur, Bangladesh. Last two pictures I have taken from a Fisheries Institute. Hope you will like those pictures.



Thank you for reading

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