SMAP Round 163 our white cheeked barbet.

Hello friends and #featheredfriends community! Greetings! This is my entry post for the contest. Many thanks to host @nelinoeva and sponsors @melinda010100, @barbara-orenya, and @sagarkothari88 for organizing this beautiful contest and community.

Today, I want to introduce you to a good friend of ours who often visits us. And wak-up us with its call kutur, kutur. This friend is a White Cheeked Barbet, (Megalaima viridis) also known as the Green Barbet. We can find this bird in southern India, mostly in the Western Ghats. It is a funny bird, with a call that is quite interesting. Once it starts calling, it does not stop, and sometimes, we get tired of hearing it. In Marathi, it is called 'Pandharya Rangacha Kuturga'. The bird makes a sound like 'kutur kutur' and funnily moves its neck. However, it is a very nice bright green-colored bird that gives a cool feeling to the eyes. It is not easy to find them when they are making calls or when they are on a green tree because they move very fast as soon as they sense human activity. They feel free to eat our garden fruits, and insects, and enjoy in our garden.

Thank you for enjoying seeing this bird.

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